Follow Your Career Path to Madeira USA

As a United States based company with international presence, Madeira USA offers a unique and challenging venue for students to learn about international commerce, while using the knowledge they have acquired in the classroom environment.

Work with Industry ProfessionalsMadeira, a worldwide leader in producing fine embroidery thread, with home offices in Freiburg, Germany, maintains its US headquarters in Laconia, New Hampshire. There are 13 customer service centers, from which shipping to local areas take place, located in Alabama, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas and Washington. A medium sized company (50-75 employees) that carries a lot of clout in the contract embroidery industry, Madeira presents a wealth of learning opportunity to the well suited student.

If a student is interested in the areas of sales and marketing, graphics, credit and finance, customer service, executive decision making, product promotion and distribution, logistics; he or she need to look no further than their own backyard. Students who stand to gain the most from their experience with Madeira are self-starting, motivated, bright and self-confident. Madeira thrives on individuals who are creative quick thinkers, those who can hit the ground running and problem solve with one hand while gathering research with the other! In return for their hard work and efforts, students may expect in return:

  1. Experience in an entry level position that provides hands-on learning.
  2. The ability to work with professionals in the students chosen field.
  3. An opportunity to see their thoughts and ideas put into action.
  4. A respectful setting where ideas are nurtured and creativity is encouraged.
  5. A chance to build a resume while still attending school.
  6. To gain the insight that would normally take years of experience, concerning how and where they fit into a thriving company.
  7. The chance to move within the company to find the role for which they are best suited.
  8. To learn first-hand how a company operates and how departments mesh.
  9. The opportunity to create their own career path.


Madeira is prepared to offer interviews in search of candidates who would benefit the most from this unique experience. Known for its innovation and quality within a long established industry, Madeira is eager to offer exciting, fulfilling career paths to individuals who are uniquely capable and prepared to accept the challenge.


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