T.H. Read - Product Use: Hook Wash

March 7, 2012

How to Use Hook Wash
Take the guess work out of using Hook Wash.
Hook Wash is a mineral based lubricant/solvent mixture that allows for a quick cleaning in the rotary hook area and
when replacing reciprocators, needle cases, bobbin cases and tension assemblies. It is safe to use on plastic,
electronics and bushings. Hook Wash is particularly useful at cleaning off the residue from spray adhesive or E-Zee
Stick-On. After applying, the Hook Wash enhances the performance of the embroidery machine by reducing thread
breakage and birdnesting through the removal of dirt, lint dust and other debris that can build up.
Instructions for Use:
1. Make sure your machine is off and remove the needle plate and rotary hook cover.
2. Using the nozzle straw provided, flush away the thread lint, dust and debris from the
hook area into an absorbent cloth to catch the results of the flushing. For harder to
remove debris, spray lightly and let stand for a few seconds before flushing again
with the Hook Wash.
3. Once all debris is flushed away, use canned air or an air compressor to blow away
all remaining product and dirt.
4. Oil the hook before running your machine as you normally would.
5. It is advised that you run a sample design to remove any excess lubricant from the
sewing area to prevent the possibility of a stain on the garment/product that you are
embroidering on.
Final Note:
Hook Wash is a lubricant, but it is not intended to replace your normal oiling
schedule. When using the Hook Wash, you will still need to oil the hook.
Hooks need to be oiled on a regular basis; every 3 - 4 hours of machine time
is recommended.