When Meeting Safety Requirements is a Concern, Madeira’s Complete Safety Bundle is the Answer!

May 30, 2012




When Meeting Safety Requirements is a Concern,
Madeira’s Complete Safety Bundle is the Answer


Laconia, NH – NFPA…NESC…OSHA*…what sounds to some like alphabet soup, are actually the acronyms for a host of state, local and/or federal government associations that require companies to provide uniforms for their workers that are created from flame resistant materials. Not to comply with these mandates can result in costly fines, along with costly interruptions to work schedules. In order to simplify the process of being 100% compliant, Madeira USA has created an embroidery Safety Bundle that consists of fire resistant thread, pre-wound bobbins and backing – all with safety, and conformity to the rules and regulations that assure it, in mind.


Madeira brand Fire Fighter embroidery thread is flame and heat resistant to 572 ?F. When exposed to flame, a surface embroidered with Fire Fighter will self-extinguish. It is made of 100% Aramid fibers that contain Nomex® by DuPont®. Aramid is a strong, synthetic fiber that is heat resistant and developed originally for aerospace and military applications. Nomex®, used in car racing apparel, is also flame resistant, and will not sustain combustion in air or melt when exposed to flame. Fire Fighter thread is available in 24 colors – primary, neutral and pastel – on 1,000 yard spools. Seven of its most popular colors are also available on 2,734 yard cones.


Bobbins made of Fire Fighter thread to use in conjunction with Fire Fighter top thread are available pre-wound, 144 per box or in packs of 10. Bobbins are paper-sided, run 67 yards, and come in white. For those who prefer to wind their own bobbins, a 5,500 yard cone of Fire Fighter bobbin thread is available in white.


When it comes to backing, two choices are available. The heavier, 8.5 ounce Proban® is a flame resistant backing available in 10 yard rolls that come 14.75” wide. Proban® is 100% Aramid with Nomex® fibers by DuPont®. E-Zee Flame Resistant Weblon Mesh is a lighter weight, 1.6 ounce backing that is made of polyester fibers with a melting point of about 455 ? F. It comes in pre-cut 8.5” squares packaged 250 pieces to a pack, or in 25 yard rolls that are 24” wide. Both backings are white.


*National Fire Protection Association…National Electrical Safety Codes… Occupational Safety and Health Administration

For additional information, please contact Madeira USA through www.madeirausa.com or at 800 225-3001. If you need further assistance please ask for Alice Wolf, marketing communications director at awolf@madeirausa.com or at extension 107.

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