When Embroidering on Fleece, Don’t Forget to Use New E-Zee Aqua® Supreme!

June 25, 2012




When Embroidering on Fleece,

Don’t Forget to Use New E-Zee Aqua® Supreme!


Laconia, NH – In response to customer requests, Madeira USA’s E-Zee Backing & Topping® division has improved the product known as E-Zee Aqua®. Now named E-Zee Aqua® Supreme, this re-constituted film topping meets the high standards of embroiderers throughout all levels of the embroidery industry. E-Zee Aqua® Supreme is ideally suited for working on fleece wear, when there is any concern that embroidery stitches may get lost in the nap of the fabric. When used on intricate designs, it is extremely effective in “elevating” the stitches and enhancing the detail.


E-Zee Aqua® Supreme is used on top of a high profile fabric, such as fleece, to hold down its nap, or pile, while embroidering.  On sweaters, fleece, corduroy, and other soft knits, it stops the stitches from sinking into the pile and getting lost.  When hooping, it is placed on top of the fabric to hold down the nap and create a layer of space between the stitches and the substrate. Water soluble, E-Zee Aqua® Supreme is removed from the completed embroidery design using a spray bottle of water or steam.  The result is an embroidered design that really "pops"!


E-Zee Aqua® Supreme is available in pre-cut squares and in rolls, for customizing sizes needed for individual embroidery projects. It is available through Madeira USA, which provides both an instruction sheet, as well as a video, at www.madeirausa.com in order to help embroiderers perfect their technique of using E-Zee Aqua® Supreme, for the best results in their embroidery.

For additional information, please contact Madeira USA through www.madeirausa.com or at 800 225-3001. If you need further assistance please ask for Alice Wolf, marketing communications director at awolf@madeirausa.com or at extension 107.

About Madeira USA
Founded in Freiburg, Germany, in 1919, Madeira is a global leader in the production of high quality embroidery threads for the decorated apparel and home fashion markets. The Madeira product line includes the industry’s largest selection of specialty threads, E-Zee Backing & Topping® products, plus a complete line of bobbins and accessories. Today, Madeira services its clients from operations in the USA, Europe, Japan, and key Asian markets. The company ships from 12 U.S. locations, more than any other embroidery supplier nationwide. For more information, visit www.madeirausa.com.


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