Madeira USA Thanks Customers Who Support its Thread Can…Help Campaign!

September 28, 2012



Madeira USA Thanks Customers Who
Support its Thread Can…Help Campaign


Laconia, NH – Throughout the course of the year, Madeira USA has been promoting its “Thread Can…Help” Campaign. Each time a customer purchases a clear plastic paint can that contains 6 cones of eco-friendly Classic Rayon or bleachable Polyneon embroidery thread, a portion of the sale is donated to Michigan-based non-profit organization, Paws with a Cause®. Originally planning to change the charity that would receive its donation quarterly, Madeira USA changed course and decided to stick with Paws with a Cause® for the duration of 2012, sending in its contribution quarterly.

Partially due to the kind nature of the embroidery community, and partly to the number of animal lovers who embroider, the campaign has proven successful. In thanking its customers for their year-long support of the campaign, Madeira USA would like to share some quotes from a thank you letter recently received from Michael D. Sapp Sr., the CEO of Paws with a Cause®:

“I am so grateful for your recent generous gift. Along with contributions of time and talent from volunteers, your donation will help provide an Assistance Dog for a person with a disability. Each PAWS® dog is custom-trained to meet the specific needs of their human partner – be it for seizure response, hearing, pulling wheelchairs, retrieving dropped items, opening doors, or a number of other tasks. Your support makes this possible.

“This is a priceless and lasting gift. People with disabilities often rely on assistance from family members, volunteers or paid personal aides. A PAWS® dog can help them achieve greater independence and confidence, and greatly enhance their quality of life. On behalf of every man and woman who receives an Assistance Dog, I thank you again for your caring support and generosity.”

Madeira USA will continue to limit its profit and support Paws with a Cause® through the sale of its Thread Cans through the end of the year. And Madeira would like to add its appreciation to its customers who, through their purchase of Madeira’s Thread Can, have supported this worthwhile organization.

For additional information, please contact Alice Wolf, marketing communications director for Madeira USA, at 800 225-3001, ext. 107 or To learn more about Madeira’s Thread Can…Help products, visit
To learn more about Paws With A Cause®, visit or contact them at 800 253-7297 or

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