Madeira's Fire Resistant Fire Fighter Embroidery Thread Now Available in Larger Put-ups

December 27, 2012









Madeira's Fire Resistant Fire Fighter Embroidery
Thread Now Available in Larger Put-ups



Laconia, NH – With the attention paid to safety standards driving the sales of Madeira’s Fire Fighter thread to more than double over last year, the manufacturer of this fire resistant embroidery thread is making nine colors available in 2,734 yard put-ups. Initially sold only in 1,100 yard spools, nine of the 24 colors are available in 1,000 yard spools and 2,734 yard cones, while the remaining 15 colors will continue to be available on 1,000 yard spools. Customers will see the shape of the Fire Fighter spools transition over to the Mini Snap Cones that Madeira has adopted for its principle 1,100 yard put-ups.

With fire resistant embroidery thread of interest to industries such as fire and safety, motor sports, aeronautics, transportation, public buildings, as well as children’s and infant’s wear, Madeira’s Fire Fighter is available in 24 colors ranging from bright electric orange and fire engine red to soft pastels of pink and blue. The colors available in the larger put-ups are:

Bright Yellow (N1624), Dark Navy (N1643), Green (N1651), Fire Engine Red (N1747), Black (N1800), White (N1803), Royal Blue (N1842), Gray (N1918) and Medium Blue (N1977).


The new, longer put-up of 100% Aramid Fire Fighter lengthens its runability and  adds to its other advantages, like the high resistance to heat and the release of much less toxic vapors compared to flame resistant threads made of polyester. The result is that Madeira’s Fire Fighter embroidery thread is the first choice for those whose main emphasis is on safety. While having earned the international Oeko-tex certificate for not containing harmful substances, Fire Fighter has also earned ISO 17050-1, as well as ISO 6941 and ISO 15025 in the U.S. A video that gives greater detail about the properties of Fire Fighter, as well as working with it, can be seen at


For additional information, please contact Alice Wolf, marketing communications director for Madeira USA, at 800 225-3001, ext. 107 or

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