Madeira USA Explains the Value of Corporate Branding through Embroidery

May 1, 2013



Madeira USA Explains the Value of

Corporate Branding through Embroidery


Laconia, NH – Major trade magazines in the decorated apparel market have picked up all or significant parts of an article prepared to explain the efficacy of using embroidered logos, rather than printed ones, to promote top quality brands. Responding to the question, How do you promote your brand when quality is a key differentiator?, Madeira USA past president  Hajo Voeller, who currently heads up Madeira’s Global Operations, offered many reasons. Among them:

Embroidery is classic. Originally accomplished by hand, today the machine-embroidered logo gives the impression of hand-crafted quality.

Embroidery is diverse. It can be used to embellish baseball caps, luxury linens, sumptuous terrycloth towels, prestigious golf shirts. While the technique may vary slightly, when properly executed the results are consistent and the item produced is a high quality item; the brand perceived as representing a high quality company.

Embroidery is misunderstood. There are less expensive choices out there. Screen printing and direct to garment printing are the two that we see the most. Limited budgets, when the limitations are extreme, may be the time to consider printing options. But for quality branding of your product or company, that extremely limited budget can lead to less than quality results.

Embroidery is flexible. It allows you to adjust to your budget by limiting the number of items you produce. With no minimums, embroidery can be done in single pieces, to hundreds or thousands. Density, size of stitches, number of stitches, size of design or logo, all offer some flexibility when you work with your embroiderer to create a top quality, affordable version of your brand.

Embroidery is not limited. Due to the competitive nature of the marketplace and the years and years of improvements that go into the manufacture of embroidery thread, there is a wide range to choose from.

Embroidery is durable. Don’t think that embroidery, by nature of its elegant appearance, is particularly fragile! Quality threads are designed to stand up to heavy laundering, with colors that will not fade in wash water as hot as 203 ? F. Some threads will withstand commercial laundering that contains bleach. Others are designed to maintain their color after prolonged exposure to sunlight. 

If you manufacture a product, provide a service, distribute goods for others, sell to consumers…how do you compel others to choose your brand over all the others, when the quality of what you offer is the lure? Consider your local professional embroiderer!

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