Madeira USA Launches Machine Technicians Page Online

August 16, 2013




Madeira USA Launches Machine Technicians Page Online


Laconia, NH – Madeira USA has launched a page on its www.madeirausa website that provides embroiderers with most of the leading machine technicians in the field. Sensing the need for embroiderers to have an easier time of finding qualified, factory-trained technicians to trust their embroidery machines to, Madeira USA researched, met with and qualified machine techs coast to coast, in order to learn what criteria were important, how the techs wanted to be represented, and to find out if they would be willing to spread the news of any specialty or new products offered by Madeira.

Madeira’s Tech Program began at the ISS show in Long Beach in January of 2013. There, techs were invited to attend an informal gathering and to share their thoughts on the Madeira program. Later in the year, in March, at the ISS show in Atlantic City, a similar meeting was held. Building on the information that was gathered at these town hall meetings, Madeira was able to put together the current program, making it possible for embroiderers throughout the U.S. – and in some cases beyond its borders – to find a suitable technician.

How to find Madeira’s Tech Page: Simply go to, then to the Services tab at the top of the home page. The first drop-down is the Machine Tech Page, providing such information as:

  • The tech’s location
  • Contact information
  • Each tech’s preferred method of contact
  • Regions served
  • Machines serviced
  • Links to the tech’s email and/or website

Madeira has encouraged customers to describe their own experiences with the techs that are listed, to give others a first hand look at their experience, much like a product review. This was an aspect of the page that received a hearty endorsement from the techs that Madeira met with, and whose opinions and suggestions did much to finalize the program. With close to 30 machine technicians already appearing on the page, there is a link provided to encourage more to sign up to participate in this new service from Madeira USA. Now when an embroiderer is looking for help with their machine, help is only a click away!


Editors, please note, for additional information, please contact Alice Wolf, marketing communications director for Madeira USA, at 800 225-3001, ext. 107 or For reader/customer contact, please use

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