Madeira Improves Ecommerce Experience

March 11, 2014



Madeira Improves Ecommerce Experience

Laconia, NH—  Madeira USA announced recently that it has launched some updates and improved functionality to its ecommerce site, With more and more customers looking for the convenience of browsing products, learning how to use them, watching videos for product demonstrations and ultimately placing orders at any time of day, on any day of the week, Madeira closely monitors customer opinions of its site. Based on customers’ requests, the following additions and improvements have been made:


· More product descriptions – from thread to E-Zee™ backing and accessories, we’ve provided more descriptions in order to help customers decide which product s would work best for their specific projects.

· Easy access to information – Too many clicks!, we heard from customers. Now you can click once on a product to learn about it, rather than having to register first to gain more details.

· No need to visit your cart until you choose – after every attempt to provide a site that would intuitively lead customers through the process of placing an order, we learned from customers that they were thinking faster than the site. And it needed to catch up! Now the path of placing an order is shorter and more conducive to choosing multiple products easily and quickly. 

· Improved Search function— our smaller customers indicated that they would love to see us assign names to our colors. Without disturbing the universality of our numbering system, we added color names to our core thread groups of Classic Rayon and Polyneon. Now, by entering the color name into the search box, its corresponding 1,100 yard Mini Snap Cone (MSC) is provided. All solid colors are available in both 1,100 yard MSCs and 5,500 yard cones.


 “The trend is clearly for convenience, speed and accuracy,” points out Madeira USA president Shirley Clark, when it comes to online ordering. “We’ve been ahead of the competition from the start, when we launched our ecommerce site 10 years ago. As customers have migrated to online, and now mobile ordering, we continually look to upgrades and improvements in order to keep pace with our customers’ needs. The online ordering experience at Madeira is a successful one, as seen in its annual growth.”

Editors, please note, for additional information, please contact Alice Wolf, marketing communications director for Madeira USA, at 800 225-3001, ext. 107 or For reader/customer contact, please use

About Madeira USA
Founded in Freiburg, Germany, in 1919, Madeira is a global leader in the production of high quality embroidery threads for the decorated apparel and home fashion markets. The Madeira product line includes the industry’s largest selection of specialty threads, E-Zee Backing & Topping® products, plus a complete line of bobbins and accessories. Today, Madeira services its clients from operations in the USA, Europe, Japan, and key Asian markets. The company ships from 13 U.S. Customer Service Centers, more than any other embroidery supplier nationwide. For more information, visit  •  800-225-3001