Madeira USA Brings New Polyneon Colors to Market

May 28, 2014


Madeira USA Brings New Polyneon Colors to Market


Laconia, NH – Madeira USA recently announced that it has added 72 new colors to its line of 100% polyester Polyneon brand of embroidery threads. There are now 62 additional solid colors, which include five new fluorescents. Ten multi-colors in various shades of denim and khaki have been added. All are available in 40 weight, on 5,500-yard cones and 1,100-yard Mini Snap Cones.


While the majority of new colors have been added in order to increase embroiderers’ ability to color match throughout the decorated apparel marketplace, the multi-colors were added in order to fulfill trends expressed in the fashion world.   “To add colors to our already extensive line is not a quick and easy process,” explains Madeira USA president Shirley Clark. “The amount of testing Madeira applies to any new product before bringing it to market is extensive. We believe these new colors fill a gap in some of the ranges of our color shades, and keep us on trend with the fashion world.” The new multi-colors, which were conceived with jeans in mind, support the fashion element of tone-on-tone and the worldwide, unisex tendency to embroider on jeans, jean pockets and seams.


Additionally, a 40 weight black and white, manufactured to offer the highest standards in color fastness in order to hold up to the extreme conditions present during the tunnel dry finishing process, is new to the Polyneon line. The new black and white are meant to be used when screen printing and embroidery are combined into multi-media designs. When used for embroidering logos or lettering, the black and white were designed to hold up through the severe temperatures of tunnel dry finishing. This way, embroidery and screen printing can co-exist on a garment, and withstand heavy duty laundering while maintaining clarity and assuring no bleed.


“We feel that the addition of these colors supports Madeira’s position as the choice of market leaders,” concludes Clark. “As a global company, we are sensitive to the needs of every type of embroidery application – from promoting products and brands, to adding our innovative twists to fashion trends. We are excited to see how these new colors will take off in the market, and look forward to tracking their popularity among our customers.”


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