Madeira USA Brings Multifunctional Frame System (MFS) to Market for Easy, Affordable Badges

October 30, 2014


Madeira USA Brings Multifunctional Frame System (MFS) to Market for Easy, Affordable Badges


Laconia, NH – Listening to customers lament their need to contract out when customers bring them a badge or emblem order, Madeira USA is pleased to bring its MFS to market. The MFS, or, Multifunctional Frame System, is an easy-to-operate frame system that enables embroiderers to pop in a paper-framed, plastic pre-frame, stitch out a badge or emblem, and simply tear away the plastic film background. Selling for $329.20, the system is machine-specific, is easily attached and removed as needed, and opens up the ability for lower volume embroiderers to offer emblems, badges and patches to their customers.

“We learned from experience,” explains Madeira USA president Shirley Clark, “that embroiderers needed an accessory that they could easily manage themselves, that would go on and off their machines as easily as a hoop, and that would open up an entirely new revenue stream…one that was impossible for them to achieve in the past. Now, there is no need for even a single-head shop to turn away a reasonable emblem order.”

While some customers may simply place an order for badges, others could want those badges attached to a garment. If that is the case, the MFS system will utilize the final satin stitch border as the method of attaching the badge or emblem to a garment. This way, only the outline stitching comes into contact with the wearer’s skin, which makes for a much more comfortable experience. Reducing the high stitch count of emblems on lightweight fabrics makes it possible to attach larger, more intricate emblems to performance wear.

“We are able to keep the pricing on this new product fairly low,” adds Clark, “in order to get it into as many shops as possible. We believe that shop owners will be ecstatic about the ease of operation and the doors this will open,” she concludes.

To see a short video of Madeira’s MFS in action, please click here.


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