Madeira USA Introduces New Thread Storage Boxes for Complete Line of Polyneon

September 8, 2014



Madeira USA Introduces New 

Thread Storage Boxes for Complete Line of Polyneon

Single Drawer Addition Contains All New Solid Colors


Laconia, NH – With the introduction of 72 new solid colors to its 100% polyester Polyneon line of embroidery thread this Spring, Madeira recognized the need to review the complete line and make it possible for customers to purchase either the complete collection, or to add the new colors to customers’ existing storage box. Both options are available, with these new products now available from Madeira USA.


“We know that our customers like to collect all colors available for different reasons,” explains Madeira USA president Shirley Clark. “Our large volume houses use the boxes for sampling and color matching, while the smaller volume embroiderer likes the freedom of having all colors and shades at their disposal.”


The new product, Item #919-413D, consists of 7 drawers containing 413 solid colors, including the fluorescents, of Polyneon #40. Each is on a Mini Snap Cone holding 1,100 yards. All colors are sorted in color card order. Color numbers are printed on a sheet of paper on the bottom of each drawer, which is visible through the plastic inlay that holds the MSCs securely in place. This makes it easy to keep colors in sequential order.


For those who already own a Polyneon thread chest, before the new colors were released, it is possible to purchase a single drawer, Item #919-413E, which holds 53 new colors, plus an additional 10 new colors that are meant to be placed in drawer 6. New color number inlays are provided for the ease of knowing where each color belongs, to ease the process of replacing colors that are used up or missing.


And for those who would prefer to purchase empty boxes and fill them over time, empty 3-drawer, Item #24, and empty 1-drawer, Item #24-7, are available.


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