Madeira USA Brings New Magnetic Sided Bobbin to Market

May 4, 2015

Madeira USA Brings New Magnetic Sided Bobbin to Market

Laconia, NH – After rigorous testing with existing customers who approved with two thumbs up, Madeira USA is proud to bring its newest bobbin, a magnetic L Style, to the marketplace. At 144 yards, made from filament polyester, Madeira’s magnetic bobbin is similar to a popular magnetic sided bobbin that you may already be using. Intended for the large segment of the market that currently gravitates towards magnetic bobbins for their economical value and ease of running, Madeira USA’s new bobbins are attractively boxed with 144 bobbins in a box and currently are available in white. Each provides uniform tension throughout the life of the bobbin, which possibly increases the lifespan of the bobbin.

“We know that embroiderers have come to rely on magnetic bobbins for providing uniform tension, which prolongs the life of the bobbin,” explains Madeira USA president Shirley Clark. “By providing embroiderers with the economy of a magnetic bobbin, combined with the reliability of a sided bobbin, we believe we’ve got a win-win here,” she adds. “For those who already rely on the quality and dependability of our embroidery thread, we are confidant that these magnetic sided bobbins will be a popular fit for our customers,” Clark concludes.

Its new magnetic sided bobbin carries the item number 308-509, and is available in all 13 of Madeira USA’s locations. 


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