Popular E-Zee Weblon No Show 1.5 oz. is Now Available in Black

September 30, 2015


Popular E-Zee Weblon No Show 1.5 oz. is Now Available in Black

Laconia, NH - Due to its popularity among embroiderers who find themselves embroidering more and more on performance wear, E-Zee Backing & Topping®, Madeira USA’s division of quality backing and topping supplies, has added black to the already popular 1.5 oz. version of E-Zee Weblon No Show backing. Now embroiderers can choose white, black or beige in the 1.5 oz. when stabilizing the stretchy, slippery fabrics that are used in performance apparel.

E-Zee Weblon No Show is a soft and sheer Cut Away backing or, stabilizer. Its low profile provides low visibility when used on lightweight fabrics. Made of 100% embossed nylon, it is free from formaldehyde, an ingredient that does occur in inferior backings, and is best kept away from long exposure to skin. E-Zee Weblon No Show Black can be used with lightweight knits, loosely woven fabrics, as well as for use on performance wear.

According to Nancy Mini, E-Zee Backing & Topping® senior specialist, “Too often we see examples of the Badge Effect, which happens when a backing that is too heavy and unnecessary to stabilize a garment is chosen. The results are not desirable when you can see the heavy backing, usually in the shape of a circle, through the thinner apparel. The E-Zee Weblon No Show is great for designs of up to 8,000 stitches. For larger or more dense designs, two layers of this low profile backing can be used.”

New E-Zee Weblon No Show 1.5 oz. in black is currently available in 7.5” x 8” pre-cuts, sold in packages of 250 pieces. Its item number is #20-75.8B.


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