A Backing Ideal for Embroidering on Performance Wear from E-Zee Backing & Topping®

April 22, 2016



A Backing Ideal for Embroidering on Performance Wear from E-Zee Backing & Topping®

Laconia, NH—E-Zee Backing & Topping®, a division of Madeira USA, recently brought to market a woven Cut Away backing intended for use on performance wear. Bearing many of the same attributes as a proven athlete – strong, flexible, dependable – E-Zee Cut® Performance is a low profile, woven Cut Away backing intended for use on lightweight fabrics. Since mastering the thin, stretchy fabrics used in much of today’s performance wear is a challenge for embroiderers, E-Zee Cut® Performance is a very good choice.

According to E-Zee Backing & Topping®’s Senior Marketing Coordinator & Backing Specialist Nancy Mini, “We’ve suggested to embroiderers that they go with an E-Zee Weblon backing for use on performance wear. Now there are two choices, depending on size of design and the items that are being embroidered. Offering the same low profile as E-Zee Weblon, but offering a little more stability, E-Zee Cut® Performance would be the way to go for designs that may have greater than 8,000 stitches, intended for performance fabric.”

“A very common error we hear about,” continues Mini, “is the ‘badge effect,’ when you can make out the outline of the backing that was used from the front of the garment. This is the result of using too heavy a backing on the very thin, sometimes sheer fabrics used for performance wear. The low profile, soft, sheer quality of E-Zee Cut® Performance eliminates this effect.”

E-Zee Cut® Performance can also be used successfully on other unstable fabrics, such as knits and loosely woven fabrics. It is available in white and black, in pre-cuts of 7.5” x 8”. It is ideal for designs of up to 8,000 stitches, and two pieces may be used together for larger and/or denser designs. Item number is 15-75.8 for a pack of 250 pieces in white, and 15-75.8B for the same amount and dimensions in black.


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