Increasing Visibility with Jane Swanzy and Madeira USA

September 15, 2016



Learn How to Master Embroidery Techniques for

Increasing Visibility with Jane Swanzy and Madeira USA

Laconia, NH - Madeira USA will host a webinar on Wednesday, September 28th, at 2:30pm EST (11:30am PCT). “Master Embroidery Techniques for Increasing Visibility” will include a look at items for safety through special effects, with an eye towards giving embroiderers perhaps some new ideas for helping their customers stand out from the crowd – literally!

On the safety side, there is a product called Scotchlite Reflective Appliqué Fabric from 3M®. This would be the go-to item for uniforms, jackets, vests, when government regulated safety features must be worn in order to be considered compliant.

And on the special effects side, the webinar will cover working with Luna glow-in-the-dark embroidery thread, Supertwist #30 metallic embroidery thread, those polyester threads that glow under black light and reflectra® Stitchfoil Appliqué Material.

“We looked through our product portfolio,” explains Madeira USA President Shirley Clark, “pulling out anything that shines, sparkles, glitters and reflects light. Our intent with this webinar is to offer inspiration to our customers, providing examples of new ideas to offer their customers, providing them with confidence to try different threads and unique products.

 “And then we needed to find the perfect ‘co-host’ for our webinar,” continues Clark. “After reading in Jane Swanzy’s bio, ‘Taking stock embroidery designs, combining them, changing thread colors, and placing them in unusual spots to create unique items for her customers is what she loves to do,’ we knew we found the ideal candidate! Jane also came to mind from our both serving as members of the Wearables Advisory Board, so we knew she was highly regarded in the industry.”

Space in the webinar is limited and attendees are welcomed on a “first come, first served” basis. To register for the webinar and learn more about mastering visibility with Madeira USA and Jane Swanzy, please click here

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