E-Zee Comfort Finishes Embroidery on Children’s Wear

March 9, 2017



E-Zee Comfort Finishes Embroidery on Children’s Wear

Laconia, NH - When embroidering designs on infant and children’s wear, eliminate the concern of chafing sensitive skin with the use of E-Zee Comfort Just Right, from E-Zee Backing & Topping®, a division of Madeira USA. E-Zee Comfort Just Right is a soft 1.3 ounce covering that is used to cover stitching and backing. This smooth layer is fused to the back side of infant and children’s wear, to avoid discomfort from stitches or stabilizer. It is often used on performance wear, as well, as an extra finishing step to avoid any irritation to skin.


E-Zee Comfort Just Right is applied with a warm iron or heat press, set between 250 and 270 degrees. The iron should be held in place for 10 to 20 seconds. It is recommended that you trace the design you are covering and trim E-Zee Comfort Just Right to about a half inch larger than the design, rounding all edges in order to keep the covering from pulling away from the garment. E-Zee Comfort Just Right is available in 7” x 7” pre-cuts, with 100 pieces in a pack (Item #50-7.7), or in 50 yard rolls that are 14” wide (Item #50-14-50).


According to E-Zee Backing & Topping®’s Senior Backing Specialist Nancy Mini, “Having learned the benefits of this easy to use covering, I find myself looking for it on items in stores when I shop for baby clothes for my grandchildren! It is an extra step that is well worth the time for the amount of comfort it adds to a child’s clothing.”

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About Madeira:

Founded in Freiburg, Germany, in 1919, Madeira is a global leader in the production of high quality embroidery threads for the decorated apparel and home fashion markets. The Madeira product line includes the industry’s largest selection of specialty threads, E-Zee Backing & Topping™ products, plus a complete line of bobbins and accessories. Today, Madeira services its clients from operations in the USA, Europe, Africa, and key Asian markets. Madeira USA ships from 14 Customer Service Centers in the U.S., more locations than any other embroidery supplier nationwide. For more information, visit www.madeirausa.com.



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