Madeira USA Points to Importance of Checking Tension with New Offering of Digital Tension Gauge

October 10, 2017


Madeira USA Points to Importance of Checking
Tension with New Offering of Digital Tension Gauge


Laconia, NH- Having learned over the years that the single most over-looked “first step” to setting up a new embroidery project is checking thread tensions, Madeira USA is committed to streamlining the process. Despite the accuracy of the un-calibrated “touchy feely” test, which many who have been in the industry for decades rely on, for the less experienced, using a bobbin tension gauge and a thread tension gauge each time the machine is set up for a new project should be a “given.” Just like changing needles often and regular machine maintenance!
The Digital Tension Gauge measures force in millinewtons (mN) or gram force units (gf); each is a scientific measurement of force, popular in different parts of the world. The Gauge is easy to operate, measures both bobbin and top thread tension, offers a low battery warning and will go into “sleep” mode if left alone for 50 seconds. If left alone for five minutes, it will turn itself off. It operates by simply wrapping thread around a system of pulleys, which read the tension produced when pulled against the top thread that is in your machine, or when a bobbin case is dropped in to the unit, pulling the bobbin thread through the system of pulleys.
“When I first learned how to embroider,” recalls Madeira USA senior marketing coordinator and resident embroiderer Nancy Mini, “it was a very easy step to overlook – checking upper and lower thread tensions. But if a design wasn’t turning out right, or the machine wasn’t performing well, those two simple tests often revealed that the issue was as simple as a few twists of a tension knob to increase or decrease thread tension. In speaking with embroidery pro’s, I learned how critical thread tension is to machine performance, and ultimately to the success of a design.”
The Digital Tension Gauge sells for $129.00. Available in two models depending on which bobbin style you use, item numbers are #200-60-L for those who use L Style bobbins and #200-60-M for those whose machines require M Style bobbins.
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