Madeira's Green Commitment

: The Green Company with the Green Logo

For nearly 100 years, Madeira has set the world standard for manufacturing and distributing embroidery thread within an ethical and eco-friendly environment. Adhering from the start to the principles of Re-think, Reduce, Re-use and Recycle, Madeira maintains its “choice of market leaders” status by taking a position of responsibility and accountability…

At the production level…

  • Raw materials are purchased only from accredited sources
  • Sources for raw goods must hold ISO and/or Oeko-Tex certificates
  • Dying process reduces water consumption by 60% with acquaZero® process
  • Water that is used is purified and returned to the environment
  • In order to reduce emissions, natural gas is used for energy
  • Heat is recycled from other processes for the thread drying system
  • Over 4 years, Madeira reduced energy consumption by 40%
  • Ethical code of conduct for employees around the globe
  • Employees are guaranteed high standards of health and safety
  • Minimum age requirements for employees are strictly enforced
  • Madeira exercises social responsibility through contributions
  • Financial contributions are made to Unicef, World Wildlife Fund and local causes

At the product level…

  • Classic Rayon originates from sustainable resources
  • Wood pulp from sustainable pine trees, plants and cotton waste is used    
  • Threads are Oeko-tex® certified to be free of all harmful substances
  • Smooth, long-lasting runnability assures energy-saving production
  • Classic Rayon is compliant with Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS)
  • Madeira Classic Rayon is the only embroidery thread that is GOTS compliant
  • Classic Rayon is biodegradable

At the distribution level…

  • One-stop shop cuts down on number of individual deliveries
  • Fewer delivery trucks release less carbon emissions into the air
  • Recycling is practiced at 13 locations throughout the U.S.
  • Energy consumption is closely monitored at all 13 locations


Embroider a better world…one stitch at a time