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Nearly 100 years ago, Madeira began producing embroidery thread in the heart of the Black Forest of Germany. From raw material to finished thread, the manufacturing process that Madeira put into place is intended to produce the least amount of upset to the eco-system, while producing the finest quality embroidery thread. Over the years, Madeira has set an industry standard for eco-friendly production and unconditional, responsible behavior. For additional information about Madeira's Eco-friendly production methods, below is a link to our brochure: Madeira Eco Brochure

All the Madeira embroidery threads listed below are Oeko-Tex certified. Oeko-Tex is an international testing and certification system for textiles, limiting the use of certain chemicals. Our embroidery threads have been certified to meet the human-ecological requirement standard presently established for baby articles. Our embroidery threads fall within Class I and II of the Oeko-Tex classification system, and meet the new U.S. CPSIA law requirements.

Oeko-Tex Certification Standard

Certification Class I

Certification Class II

Safe for babies Safe for direct contact with skin

Madeira Eco-Friendly Embroidery Threads

For additional information about Oeko-Tex, below are some helpful links for reference.

 In addition to our embroidery threads, Madeira also carries eco-friendly backing in its E-Zee Backing & Topping division. Our eco-friendly backings feature near zero levels of formaldehyde to formaldehyde free, while preserving the properties critical to efficient and high-quality embroidery processes. Although formaldehyde is a naturally occuring compound in many materials, apparel and home furnishing textiles often include added formaldehyde to improve wrinkle resistance and durability.

Eco-Friendly E-Zee Backing