Service is Key at Madeira USAMadeira USA is unique in the number of critical services it is able to offer its customers

Able to order 24/7
The Madeira website offers customers the ability to browse the complete product line, order at any time, day or night, on any day including weekends.

Web-only specials on the Madeira USA, MadeiraMart and E-Zee websites offer savings on product and the opportunity to save on shipping.

Customer Service capable for 12 hours
Customer service representatives are on the phones and available to assist from 8:00 am until 8:00 pm EST (5:00 am to 5:00 pm PST), five days a week.

Virtual CSR
Have a question while online? Clicking on Madeira's virtual CSR will connect the customer to a customer service representative in real time, so questions can be answered immediately while on the website.


Shipping from 13 locations
With more warehouses located across the U.S. than any of our competitors, Madeira can move product to customers with speed and efficiency.


Expanding our One-Day Shipping
Constantly on the lookout to improve our service to you, we've located two areas of the country where we will add warehouses in order to expand our one-day UPS Ground capability.

Save on shipping costs
With 13 locations, we reach 96% of our customers next day and 99% in two days by UPS Ground.

Flexible shipping choices
Madeira can ship from our west coast locations long after the east coast competitors are closed for the day (extra shipping charges may apply for this next-day service). Shipping hours are extended beyond our competitors at each of our 12 locations.


Weekend Delivery
For the customer who MUST place an order on Saturday or Sunday in order to meet an important deadline, Madeira will offer this door-to-door courier service, making it possible to deliver an order on the weekend. (Charges apply)

One-Stop shop
Madeira's vast range of embroidery thread and supplies is designed to provide a comprehensive product portfolio. E-Zee Backing & Topping® offers embroiderers the largest selection of backings and toppings in the industry. Madeira offers customers the greatest selection of specialty threads, in the greatest variety of weights and colors, in the business. Bobbins and additional supplies round out the portfolio.

Customers of all sizes can turn to Madeira for a customization of product . Special dye lots of thread can be produced. Backing can be customized by weight and dimensions. (Charges apply)


Custom Color Cards
For those who wish to offer sales staff or customers a limited number of colors, Madeira can provide custom cards with actual thread windings to customers' specification of colors.  (Charges apply)


Technical Support
If Madeira's staff of trained customer service professionals are unable to assist, Madeira has an advisory board, National Association of Madeira Embroidery Specialists (NAMES) that can offer guidance to customers. The NAMES group is made up of seasoned professionals who are experts in the areas of digitizing and machine operation.

Instructional Videos
Short videos on embroidery related topics - from working with 60 weight thread to how and when to use E-Zee Aqua® - are available on our websites.

Madeira Inventory Management System (MIMS)
Allows customers the ease of not having to worry about maintaining exuberant inventory levels because Madeira tracks and maintains their inventory at just the right level.  (Charges apply)


Pantone® Color Match
Interactive page on the website allows customers to enter the Pantone number of a color they need to order and get the Classic Rayon or Polyneon match, including a link to order the color.

Social Media Coverage
Communicating with our customers is key, and we do on Facebook, Twitter and our blog, Become a "friend" and learn techniques, get sales reminders and download designs.

Specialty Thread Designs
Expanded availability of free downloadable designs for Madeira's specialty thread lines.


Professor T.H. Read and ThreadWorks
Instructional sheets for working with specialty thread and embroidery supplies.


Cost of a Thread Break
This interactive calculation online invites customers to fill in simple information about a current job in order to learn exactly how much revenue they stand to lose due to the use of inferior thread.


Color and Design Forecasts
One to two seasons ahead of the current calendar, these on-line predictions are developed by fashion experts in New York City.


Customer Appreciation Program (CAP)
A benefit program unique to the industry that offers rebates and rewards for purchases and other "members only" benefits.  (Charges apply)

There's an App for That
On-the-go customers who can't get to a computer, can simply use their smart phones to place an order and keep supplies on hand. Our mobile site provides easy shopping cart ordering from anywhere customers may be.